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I recently sold my company and the new owner made unreasonable contract and real estate demands a year after the sale. After interviewing numerous attorneys, Ms. Jahangiri listened and quickly understood the complexities of the situation. Her supportive attitude and professional approach were exemplary. As a result, the matter was settled quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her services.

– Anonymous, November 1, 2020

David versus Goliath case

I as a state employee was up against malicious and totally fabricated allegations of using discourteous language for my supervisor approximately 2 years ago. I came to know of these allegations 10 months after the alleged incident took place-when I received a notice of adverse action with salary reduction for 13 months along with placement of this adverse record in my official personnel file, which was otherwise unblemished after 16 years of my state service.
The Fact of the matter is that I raised my legitimate concerns about safety for my own person. my co-workers and my clients in a highly dangerous environment created by gross incompetence and mismanagement of my supervisors. My then supervisors instead turned it around and accused me of discourteous behavior. My accusers did not afford me basic due process rights like asking me for once to share my side of the story. They acted as judge, jury and executioner all in one. They were aided and abetted by a State-funded legal team. I was just a proverbial ‘little guy” against the big legal state-funded monstrosity.
Prior to retaining Attorney Lubna K Jahangiri Esq and her dedicated team member BillieJean Hedt I had engaged 2 other attorneys, one after the other, who after getting their legal fees (total sum of $25000) told me to settle with state on unfair terms which were unacceptable for me. Ironically one of the attorneys would even scold me for not agreeing to her recommendation to settle.
Lubna K Jahangiri, Esq & BillieJean Hedt listened to me with empathy. With dedication and meticulous legal work they tore through legal barriers erected against me by my supervisors and forced the State legal team to settle on fair and honorable terms. In the end, this malicious notice of adverse action was withdrawn and my deducted pay restored.
I would strongly recommend these fine members of the legal profession for someone who is wronged in a similar manner as I was wronged.
I cannot say enough in my admiration for them, I will just close with these words… Thank you very much, you are my heroes.

– Anonymous, October 23, 2020

Caring, understanding, experienced, considerate, has a heart, excellent staff, very empathetic.

5 Stars. Excellent service, listened to my problem, very considerate, experienced with the law, received advise from other professionals to confirm her expertise. Really helped in solving and ending the issues in hand. Thank God I resolved my problem before the Covid19 virus pandemic hit the community. I have been blessed having Lubna and her staff represent me in deciding which avenue to take to solve my problem. I was very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommend Lubna Jahangiri’s law firm.

– Frederick Johnston

I recently encountered an extremely unusual situation and didn’t know where to turn. Upon my first call to the Jahangiri Law Group, I knew I could count on Lubna Jahangiri. She was not only understanding and empathetic to my needs, but was effective and efficient in finding the right solutions. I felt protected, secure, and confident in her handling of my case and would wholeheartedly recommend her to my family and friends. Lubna has been easily accessible throughout the process and happily addresses my questions and concerns. I feel fortunate to have found the Jahangiri Law Group, especially during these stressful and trying times. Now, I rest assured knowing I have someone to turn to who is genuine, trustworthy, and dependable.

– Anonymous

I needed help with a personal matter and Lubna was very kind to spend time talking with me. I found her advice helpful and measured and would recommend her to others.

– Tarek Barnes

Excellent experience and I would highly recommend everyone to use their expertise.

– Derek Casanares


I am very thankful for all the help and hard work of Your team. Your kindness is much appreciated.


Thank you so much for the kindness, professionalism and all your support throughout the case. You went out of your way to make things happen. Please convey my thanks to all your colleagues who helped and had good wishes for me. I enjoyed meeting with everyone and learned a lot. Thank you for everything.

Thank You Lubna!

“I used Lubna’s Legal services to recover my wages and referral fees. We won the case on all grounds. My experience with Lubna during the 5 yr battle was exceptional, the case went through many downs for us for reasons beyond our control, But Lubna never gave up hope and used the legal process, sticking to the facts, never even once tried to use frivolous reasons or points to prevail on any issue. Her communication and articulation of legal points seem to be exceptional. I even saw in few instances the judge and opposing counsel were not clear that a point could be made out. This case was fought against some of the big-name attorney’s who tried to put us down using their money, power, and clout, but the end of the day even though we lost many battles we won the war, and I give full credit to Lubna’s tenacity and ability to use the system to prevail. I am very happy that my decision to choose Lubna to fight this case was right.”

– Anonymous

I found her to be detail oriented and very effective in getting a speedy resolution in my company’s favor.

“Lubna represented my company in a recent contractual issue. In my interactions, I was very pleased with her understanding of my situation; she was very responsive to my questions and patiently explained all aspects of the case and available options to me. I found her to be detail oriented and very effective in getting a speedy resolution in my company’s favor. I would whole-heartedly recommend her services to any other company.”

– Sangam Singh

Lubna has a combination of experience and education that is truly exceptional.

“Lubna has a combination of experience and education that is truly exceptional: she is an adjunct professor, a successful litigator, and a veteran attorney. She is compassionate with her clients and contributes significant time towards making a difference in her community. I highly recommend Lubna as an attorney for small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

– Alay Yajnik

Their integrity and expertise was immediately evident even from 17,000 kilometers away!

“I retained Lubna Jahangiri and her partner Linda to assist me with a real estate challenge. My property is not in an area of close proximity to where I live. I required advice and a solution for a difficult tenant situation, as well as some education on the leasing laws of California.  Both Lubna and Linda were professional, transparent and timely in all of their responses. They solved my problems to my satisfaction in a matter of days. They went the extra mile, demonstrating sensitivity to time zone differences, making themselves available at odd times. I could not have asked for a more positive experience and solution to a most frustrating situation. I’d recommend Jahangiri Law Group to anyone with a legal issue. Their integrity and expertise was immediately evident even from 17,000 kilometers away!”

– Lori Weston

Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given me.

“Hi Lubna, Thank you very much for all the help and support you have given me.  In spite of all the trauma, you gave me lots of confidence that I have entrusted this case to the right person.  If anyone contacts me for reference for attorney, I will always send them to you.”

– Anonymous

You will be remembered in my life

“Lubna, I want to thank you wholeheartedly for the time you spent for my case and wise decisions that you made on behalf of me. It was so nice working with you.  I learnt a lot from you.  You will be remembered in my life as I was going through lot of struggles when I met you and now I am doing ok because of your support.  Please do come to our restaurant at least one time.  IF you don’t have time, I can bring halal food for you and your staff.”

– Melanie